Jul 14, 2015

Ode to the Good Doobie Horse

Dear Good Doobie Horse,

You may feel invisible to us judges, but I see you.

You may not get many ribbons and if you do they're probably greens, purples, and browns.  No one stops in their tracks to watch you jump or talks about how much you cost.

But I'm smiling as you go around my ring.

You may not jump super round.  You may not have much scope.  But you jump safely and I appreciate that.

You may not move the best, but you don't move the worst either.  

Your expression is kind and sweet.

The best thing about you is how you chip and keep going.  How you never spook and tolerate your rider's mistakes.

You don't get ruffled or mad.  

There's not a distance you haven't seen before.

You'll keep going and trying your best until you physically can't anymore, which probably won't be until your 20s.

Until then, I hope you're getting lots of carrots back at the barn.

You may not be the winner on my card but--know this--you are a highlight of my day.

Photo credit: Bigeq.com