Jul 22, 2015

Top 5 Reasons To Love the Vermont Summer Festival

1. The mountain views
How amazing is it to show surrounded by beautiful scenic mountain views?  There aren't that many places you can wait at the in-gate and watch the sun play on the mountain trees.

2. The cute touches around the show grounds
The wonderful trees, the lovely flowers at the corners of the rings, and the stonewalls are some of the small touches that make this show special.

3. The outlet shopping
Okay, we don't really need another way to spend money when at a horse show, but who can stay away with stores like Coach, Kate Spade, Theory and Ralph Lauren?

4. The crew
There's a reason the people who work at the VSF keep coming back year after year.  From the office-staff to the show management to the in-gate crew to Jennifer handling the ribbons to the show vet and farrier to Janis the EMT, these people all care about making this show exhibitor-friendly.

5. The after-show options
When your day finishes early, you have your pick of things to do.  Go for a hike, pick some blueberries, get a massage in town, roam around the bookstore, go out for a nice dinner, or hit the Ben & Jerry's stand for your favorite flavor.  Any day that ends in Chocolate Fudge Brownie is a good one!