Aug 17, 2015

Expecting? Top 5 Names for Children of the Show Circuit

by Kim Ablon Whitney

Are you a rider or trainer expecting a baby?  Why not give your child a leg-up with one of these top names for kids connected to the hunter/jumper world?

1. Hunter

While Hunter is typically a boy's name, it’s seen in the horse show world for both boys and girls.  In the real world it means, “one who hunts.”  On the show circuit, it could be interpreted as, “one destined to ride and show.”  

Real Life Rider: Hunter Holloway.  
Alternative/similar name: Derby.

2. Devon

Honor a classic, historic show by naming your child after it.  This name can also be used for both boys and girls.  (Additional spelling: Devin.) 

Real Life Rider: Devin Seek.  
Alternative/similar name: Loudon.

 3. Maclay

Want to be a little more unique?  Try this prestigious moniker.  You also have the option of the cute nickname Mac.  Maybe she’ll grow up to win the Maclay Finals. 

Real Life Rider: Maclay Bowers. 
Alternative/similar name: Wellington.

 4. Lily

In 2014, Lily was the eighth most popular name according to  It shows up a lot in the horse show world too.  McLain and Lauren Ward picked this cute name for their daughter.  We already know she’s destined to win.  (Additional spelling: Lillie.)  

Real Life Rider: Lillie Keenan.  
Alternative/similar name: Brianne (Goutal and Beerbaum).

5. Sapphire

Speaking of Ward, why not name your daughter after his amazing two-time Olympic partner?  You’ll be a trendsetter if you go with this name.  

Real Life Horse: Sapphire.  
Alternative/similar name: Cylana or Juvina.

Kim Ablon Whitney's latest novel is Winter Circuit.

Aug 10, 2015

9 Things to Look Forward To After Your Last Junior Year

By Ali Tritschler

1. Quitting the eq diet.

2. The possibility of a social life.

3. Being able to use bad weather or illness as an excuse to scratch.

4. No more 2:30 am lessons.

5. Being the youngest again.

6. Finally being able to appreciate what your trainers and parents did for you.

7. "Forgetting" to show up for early morning course walks.

8. No more stressing about whether your clothes are "classic" enough.

9. Being able to watch and support your friends in the eq without feeling the pressure!

Ali Tritschler is in her last year as a junior.  This summer in addition to winning in the equitation, hunters, and junior jumpers, she competed in her first grand prix.

Aug 5, 2015

Back at Kentucky Horse Park—But Not For Pony Finals!

By Jen Stiller

I’m back at the Kentucky Horse Park for the first time in five years, and my daughter is no longer the pigtailed pony girl she once was.  She’s grown into a mature, tall-booted, hair-netted big eq rider. 

What else has changed and what has stayed the same?

1.  The Walnut ring, so imposing at Pony Finals, looks so much smaller than I remember (although the height of the USET jumps the other day made me kind of want to throw up).

2.. There are full-size equines everywhere, not just the midgets.

3.  They still have Taco in a Bag.  My taste buds say woo-hoo, my hips, not so much.

4.  I wish I were still shopping for new bows for $10.95 instead of Pikeur breeches for $300 plus.

5.  A golf cart is still a must-have for the Horse Park, although the emergency trips back to the stalls aren’t for a missing garter.

6.  A trail ride through the cross country field is STILL the best way for both horse and rider to unwind after a long day of showing.

7.  Now there’s Wifi at the Rolex Stadium.  Five years ago there was no Rolex Stadium.

8.  It’s still sticky hot and humid, but where are the pony misting stations?

9.  You can walk around on your horse without a back number and a steward won’t stop and reprimand you.

10. No pampering station for the horse show moms, but there was a masseuse at the Claiborne Ring... Only at horse shows can you get a massage at a moment’s notice without an appointment.

11. This is still one of the most fabulous showing venues in the country and I can’t wait to come back next year!

Jen Stiller grew up riding and now her daughter, Jordan, competes in the equitation.  They live in Needham, Mass.