Aug 17, 2015

Expecting? Top 5 Names for Children of the Show Circuit

by Kim Ablon Whitney

Are you a rider or trainer expecting a baby?  Why not give your child a leg-up with one of these top names for kids connected to the hunter/jumper world?

1. Hunter

While Hunter is typically a boy's name, it’s seen in the horse show world for both boys and girls.  In the real world it means, “one who hunts.”  On the show circuit, it could be interpreted as, “one destined to ride and show.”  

Real Life Rider: Hunter Holloway.  
Alternative/similar name: Derby.

2. Devon

Honor a classic, historic show by naming your child after it.  This name can also be used for both boys and girls.  (Additional spelling: Devin.) 

Real Life Rider: Devin Seek.  
Alternative/similar name: Loudon.

 3. Maclay

Want to be a little more unique?  Try this prestigious moniker.  You also have the option of the cute nickname Mac.  Maybe she’ll grow up to win the Maclay Finals. 

Real Life Rider: Maclay Bowers. 
Alternative/similar name: Wellington.

 4. Lily

In 2014, Lily was the eighth most popular name according to  It shows up a lot in the horse show world too.  McLain and Lauren Ward picked this cute name for their daughter.  We already know she’s destined to win.  (Additional spelling: Lillie.)  

Real Life Rider: Lillie Keenan.  
Alternative/similar name: Brianne (Goutal and Beerbaum).

5. Sapphire

Speaking of Ward, why not name your daughter after his amazing two-time Olympic partner?  You’ll be a trendsetter if you go with this name.  

Real Life Horse: Sapphire.  
Alternative/similar name: Cylana or Juvina.

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