Oct 22, 2015

Top 6 Things Pony Riders Love About The Washington International Horse Show

by Maggie Junkin

1. Walking the city streets of D.C. and visiting the White House.  See, Mom, it's not just a horse show... it's actually educational!

2.  Showing in the Verizon Center -- super cool venue!  How awesome is it to show where a professional basketball and hockey team plays?

3.The Jumbotron.  Seeing your name up in lights?  Priceless!

4. Stabling in the streets.  Not sure it's the ponies' first choice for stabling but it's a pretty cool experience.

5. The shopping.  The best shopping experience of any horse show. An entire concourse of equine retailers and unique boutiques. They even have a candy store with chocolate covered bacon!

 6. The ribbons.  It doesn't matter what color you get, they're all beautiful with an amazing medal in the middle of the rosettes.  These are ribbons to treasure for years to come.

Maggie Junkin is a pony rider and animal advocate who has raised lots of awareness and money for Danny & Ron's Rescue.  In 2013 Maggie was fifth at Washington in the small pony hunter stakes class with Foxlair Fantasia. WIHS is her favorite horse show and she hopes to have the opportunity to show there again someday.