Jan 13, 2016

A Glossary of WEF

by Kim Ablon Whitney

Headed down to the Winter Equestrian Festival for a weekend, or the whole circuit?  Better brush up on your WEF-lingo!

The Bridge: Spans across the in-gate of the International Ring--a good place for trainers or riders to watch rounds.

Coffee Cart: Situated at the entry to the rings. The place to get your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Dever: Official golf cart rental shop.

Fete Cheval Etiole: Teams of grand prix riders judged for style and performance to benefit the EQUUS Foundation.  A must-not-miss event!

Food Trucks: Multiple food trucks offering a variety of fare at the Wellington Amphitheater on Forest Hill.  Always a good bet for a quick and easy dinner.

Global: The dressage facility across the street from the show where certain special classes are held, such as the U25 classes.

Grand Prix Village: Exclusive area of farms adjacent to the show grounds.

Great Charity Challenge: Relay-style competition featuring top riders raising money for charity.

Keke's: Where everyone goes for breakfast on days-off.

Kontiki: Best place for sushi after a busy show day.

Oasis Cafe: The eatery in the middle of the show grounds.

Players: The legendary Sunday-night party spot overlooking the polo club.

Pony Island: The stands where pony riders hang out around their rings during pony classes.

Riders' Lounge: Small area in between the grand prix warm up ring and the International ring where top riders stash their ring bags and relax during classes.

Rost Ring: Hunter ring near where you can find the best bathrooms on the show grounds.

Saturday Night Lights: Grand prix classes held under the lights on Saturdays with lots of entertainment for kids and spectators.

Short Stacks: Monday breakfast spot.

Showgrounds Live: Online schedule, orders of go, and results.  Gets people where they need to be at the right time and keeps all those rings miraculously working. 

Sushimoto: Another good sushi spot.

Tackeria: Tack shop without horse show prices.

Twenty-dollar ring: Schooling ring where riders can pay $20 to practice over a course.

Vendor Village: Strip of shops where riders can find their favorite brands and equipment.

VIP Tent: Exclusive tent overlooking the International Arena where people with wristbands can watch classes while being served drinks and meals.