Sep 26, 2016

Things My Trainer Says

by Maggie Junkin

My trainer says the craziest things sometimes during my lessons.  I'm often thinking, "Did he just say that? It wasn’t that bad... was it?  And what did that even mean?"

To my trainer:  Thanks for keeping it real, keeping it fun, and expanding my vocabulary! Here are just a few of my favorite sayings and their definitions.  

You are sitting there like a lump on a log!
Well… I guess that’s self-explanatory.

More RPM!
What’s RPM? Is that short for "Rider Possible Meltdown?" Or is R.P.M. that 80’s rock band my dad liked? Definition: Revolutions per minute, a measure of speed. What? I don’t even drive yet!

Ah, go faster. I get it, another word for RPM.

What are you? A Kamikazi?
After looking up that definition (suicide pilot) my answer is definitely, “No, not intentionally.”

One, two, three, four, ONE!!
Usually I am off pace, again.

Steer the Boat.
I’m trying. My boat has his own ideas.

Thank your horse!
Translation: pat him, he saved your sorry butt.

You Donkey!
This is usually directed at my horse, not me. I score a “get-out-of-jail” pass this time.

Get out of the corner, get out of the corner, GET OUT of the CORNER!
Yeah, I sometimes get stuck in the corner.

Don’t Dillydally.
Dally diddle? Dilly Daddle? What on earth did he just say? Definition:  Dillydally: to move slowly or waste time. Okay, I’ll accept that.

Definition: Very good or pleasant.  Interpretation: “You actually maintained pace, found all 8 jumps, and didn’t mess it up.”  It’s a good day!

And finally my all time favorite...

Stop doing the Watusi up there!
A whata what? Defintion: A solo dance that was a popular dance craze in the 1960’s.
“No, Really? I didn’t really look like that? Did I?"

Maggie Junkin is a 13 year-old hunter rider.  After showing in the ponies, she has moved on to horses recently and is showing in the Children’s Hunter Horse Division on her horse, Tommy Bahama. She is committed to animal rescue. Her favorite rescue to support is Danny and Ron’s Rescue. Maggie trains with John Mastriano of Tustin Farm in NJ. She lives with her family, 5 dogs, and 3 cats in Jenkintown, Pa.