Nov 2, 2016

Horse Show Etiquette Do's and Don'ts -- Part II, Courtesy & Safety

By Maggie Junkin

There's nothing I enjoy more than horse showing. Let’s keep our horse shows safe and enjoyable for all.

Do: Pay attention in schooling rings. Clearly communicate with other riders.

Don’t: Crowd others, both in the schooling ring and in the hack class. Leave space in the model.

Do: Have ringside awareness. Be considerate. Don’t make loud noises or sudden movements while a horse or pony is on course.

Don’t: Ride with a group of friends spread across chatting and unaware. Make it safe for vehicles and other horses to pass.

Do: Walk your animals on the horse paths.

Don’t: Text and ride. If it’s that important, pull over. Instagram and snapchat can wait.

Do: Drive responsibly with scooters and golf carts. Be patient and use caution while passing horses.

Don’t: Ride without your helmet.

Do: Use commonsense when bringing your dogs to a horseshow.

Don’t: Leave your dog unleashed and free to roam.  Over the years, I have seen a few dogfights and several dogs that were hit and killed.

Do: Be courteous and clean up after your dogs. Please do not allow your male pups to water your neighbors tack trunks and barn set-ups.

Don’t: Tie your dogs in communal barn aisles or in areas where they are underfoot of the horses.

Do: Take your dogs safely with you to the ring. If not, leave them securely crated in the shade, or better yet in a stall with water, dog beds and a fan.

Maggie Junkin competes in the Children’s Hunters with her horse, Tommy Bahama. She lives with her family, 5 dogs, and 3 cats in Jenkintown, Pa.